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Upper Intermediate Small Group Classes

Tulip Fields

Upper Intermediate Class (B1 Level)

This course is tailored to enhance your language proficiency to an advanced level, equipping you with valuable skills for professional and personal communication. Upon successful completion, you'll be able to:


Professional Communication:

  • Conduct a job interview confidently.

  • Deliver a concise and effective short presentation.


Presentations and Writing:

  • Present on a job-related or personally interesting topic.

  • Write an extensive (personal) email with a minimum length of approximately 500 words.


Expressive Communication:

  • Articulate and express your feelings with clarity.

  • Issue a complaint letter effectively.


Deep Conversations:

  • Discuss about social topics like politics or economic developments

In the final session, you'll have the opportunity to showcase your advanced skills by verbally presenting the acquired competencies and crafting a fictionalized personal email. This comprehensive set of abilities reflects the upper-intermediate level, providing you with the tools to navigate professional and personal communication challenges with finesse.

Prepare to elevate your Dutch language proficiency to new heights and confidently engage in a variety of contexts. The final presentation and email exercise will not only demonstrate your linguistic prowess but also your ability to apply language skills in practical and meaningful ways.

Succes (Good luck) in your Upper-Intermediate Dutch class!

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