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Where can I find the full schedule of DutchClasses?

Our full schedule can be found on our website, under the"class schedule" section. We offer classes at various times throughout the week to accommodate busy schedules. Our classes are designed for highly educated individuals, including expats and graduate students.

Are your instructors native Dutch speakers?

Yes, all our instructors are native Dutch speakers with extensive experience in language education. They are dedicated to ensuring an authentic and effective learning experience.

Can I join a course if I have no prior knowledge of Dutch (A0 level)?

Our courses typically start from 0-A1 level. If you're an absolute beginner, we recommend enrolling in our introductory course to build a solid foundation before advancing to higher levels.

What proficiency levels do your Dutch language courses cover?

Our courses cater to various proficiency levels, ranging from beginner (A1) to advanced (C2). Whether you're starting from scratch or looking to enhance your existing skills, we have a course tailored to your needs. You can check our programs

How much time should I dedicate to self-study outside of class?

We recommend allocating 2-4 hours per week for self-study to reinforce classroom learning. Consistent practice enhances language retention and accelerates your progress.

What kind of certification will I receive upon completion of a course ?

Upon successful completion of a course, students will receive a certificate of achievement from DutchClasses. This certificate can be used to demonstrate proficiency in the Dutch language. But it is not a diploma or official Dutch language ceritificate to use legal transactions. 

Can I visit DutchClasses before enrolling ?

We welcome visitors to our language school in Rotterdam. Please contact us to schedule a visit and learn more about our programs.

How long does each Dutch language course last ?

The duration varies based on the proficiency level. Generally, each course spans several weeks, with specific details available in the course descriptions on our website, under the class schedule.

What is the cost of tuition at DutchClasses ?

Our tuition prices vary depending on the program and level of study. Please refer to our website or contact us directly for more information.

Can I pay with cash ?

No, we do not accept cash payments. You can make the payment via bank transfer after you receive your invoice or you can make the payment online.

Is financial assistance or scholarships available for your courses?

At present, we do not offer specific financial assistance or scholarships. However, we aim to keep our courses affordable to make quality Dutch language education accessible to a diverse audience.

We have employees who need to learn Dutch. Can we make an agreement with your institution?

Absolutely! We welcome corporate collaborations and understand the importance of language training for employees. Dutch Classes offers special packages and tailored solutions for corporate clients. Please reach out to our corporate liaison team ( , and we'll be delighted to discuss how we can customize a program to meet your company's language learning needs.

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