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Intermediate Small Group Classes

Providing Everything You Need

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Intermediate Class (A2 Level)

This level is designed to elevate your language skills, enabling you to engage in more deep and detailed conversations. Upon successful completion, you'll find yourself equipped with the following abilities:


Past Circumstances and Detailed Conversations:

  • Engage in conversations about events and circumstances in the past.

  • Elaborate on your job, studies, and hobbies in detail.


Communication Essentials:

  • Ask for and provide directions.​

  • Engage in small talk on a variety of topics.


Congratulations and Expressions of Good Wishes:

  • Congratulate others on occasions such as birthdays, new family members, or new cars.

  • Express goodwill and celebration in various situations.


Future Plans:

  • Discuss your short-term and long-term future plans.

  • Inquire about other people's future aspirations and plans.

This intermediate-level course is designed to refine your linguistic skills, enabling you to navigate a broader range of social and professional situations. As you progress, you'll not only be able to express yourself more intricately but also engage in meaningful conversations on diverse subjects. Get ready to go deeper into the Dutch language and culture, and take the next step towards fluency.

Veel succes (Good luck) in your Intermediate Dutch class!

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